Women + Water Exhibit

in progress

Water is the source of all life. In many traditional cultures, water is imbued with feminine roles and symbolism. Women are the protectors of water, because women give birth and are seen as the keepers of water. This exhibit celebrates and honors water by portraying women who work with it, protect it and advocate for it. Featured are women who are scientists, water-walkers, teachers, farmers, activists and healers, all who hold deep connections with water. This globally inspired exhibit will help develop and strengthen our own ties with water and inspire actions to further protect our waters.

Hand-woven jacquard portraits of these women form the core of the exhibit. Included currently are portraits of Grandmother Josephine Mandamin, First Nation Ontario, Canada; Autumn Peltier, Wikwemikong First Nation, Ontario, Canada; Rachel Carson, United States; Carol Warden and Emily Stanley, University of Wisconsin-Limnology Trout Lake Station; Aunofo Havea, sea captain, ocean steward, Kingdom of Tonga; Vaida Furanguene, Fatianca Paulino, and Querida Baringuinha of Mozambique.

The exhibit will grow to 24 portraits or more. Several additional water-related pieces that tell important stories about water will also be created. Mary is currently researching and contacting women from around the globe who are working for water. Her hope is that the exhibit will travel nationally and internationally.

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