Custom Orders

Mary invites inquiries and commissions. Most rugs or wall coverings are custom made to the size, colors, and patterns of the client's choice. Typically, swatches of upholstery fabric or wall colors are matched to yarn colors to create a piece that fits a home or business. Personal attention is given to your site so that designs and colors can be best suited to your interior.

What are some of the designs Mary works with?

Mary specializes in shaft-switched blockweave designs in floor and wall pieces. This style of weaving produces double-sided weavings in which the colors reverse positions, creating a positive/negative image on either side of the piece. Intricate pictorial pieces are made possible through this complex design process.

Mary has created designs based on Native American pictographs, Frank Lloyd Wright designs, traditional Celtic artwork, and Northwoods landscapes. All design work is drawn in a computer program which permits a variety of custom work options.

For additional information please refer to the Studio page.

How do I order?

Please contact Mary to discuss custom orders or to inquire about weavings currently in stock.

Where is the studio located?

Manitowish River Studio is located in the crossroads of Manitowish in northern Wisconsin, near the intersection of Hwy 51 and Hwy 47. It is 26 miles north of Woodruff, 4 miles south of Mercer.

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